“CENTRALNY” is the new and main shopping center of Baranavichy, which is located in the very center of the city.

This is a place where you can buy everything you need and meet friends.
Here you can have a good time and make the necessary purchases for the whole family.

- Good transport links, bicycle parking, free parking.
- Two floors of famous foreign and Belarusian brands.
- A convenient elevator will allow a young mother with a stroller to climb to the second floor.
- A specially equipped room for changing and feeding the baby.

The uniqueness of the Tsentralny shopping center is the Kari shoe store for the whole family, the Shagovita children's shoe store, the FUNtastik toy store, the Makey store of original handmade leather goods, the TVOE clothing store, the European store women's clothing and accessories "FANTOSH", a men's clothing store "Major", a cosmetics and perfumery store "BIELITA-VITEX" and "ACCENT" and of course the unique children's play center "BananaCity".

In addition, you can try all the main KFC dishes from snacks and sandwiches to baskets and desserts in the KFC restaurant, which is presented in the Tsentralny shopping center.

The trading area of ​​the shopping center is 2300 m2.
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00.
Shopping center "Centralny" Baranavichy, st. Sovetskaya, 74a